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Sharing our knowledge is part of our DNA – underscoring our values in integrity and transparency in communications.

Tips to building a solid media relationship

  1. Make sure you have a real story. Nothing alienates you more from the media than overt self-promotion and over-hype.

  2. Be responsive to reporters in times of good news and bad. Answer their questions honestly and in a timely manner.

  3. Get to know the media. Find out how they operate, what interests them, what topics individual reporters cover. But most of all, respect their deadlines.

  4. Being quoted out of context? Think twice before you react. Maybe you need enhanced media communications skills to make sure your messages are understood.

Event success – 10 typical mistakes

  1. Topics are irrelevant. Do your due diligence to ensure a good match between content and audience.

  2. Your speakers are knowledgeable, but not engaging. Test your speaker’s ability to deliver a compelling presentation.

  3. The venue does not support your theme and is not easily accessible.

  4. Omit to conduct an on-site dry run with all participants. Make sure you smooth out all the kinks including audio/visual and special effects. Involve the MC and the venue manager.

  5. Your third party MC is not thoroughly briefed about the event and your objectives.

  6. Attendees aren’t greeted warmly by the host and are left to fend for themselves.

  7. Late start or poor program timing. This shows a lack of organization and discipline on your part. Your participants will be irked and this is what they will remember.

  8. Empty chairs. Be ready to modify the room to suit the number of participants.

  9. No interaction with the audience. Get them involved in a meaningful way.

  10. There’s no surprise or ‘star’ element. Provide something unusual – a local or industry celebrity, an author with a new book to launch, new research or products to release.



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